Payroll Processing & Timekeeping Services

Payroll has become more than just processing checks.

We think you would agree, few employees understand the complexity involved in getting paychecks issued. However, all employees expect their paychecks to be issued on time and accurate to the penny. Traditionally payroll has been perceived as a tactical or administrative function focused on issuing paychecks. Today, payroll services have assumed much greater significance in organizations due to the growing legal complexities with federal, state and local regulations, healthcare reform reporting, record retention, control and security. There is no one-size-fits all solution in payroll.

While transactional activities will remain an integral part of payroll service, the potential for improved efficiencies in administration and management can be achieved through outsourcing and technology with the right partner. In addition, organizations may want to coordinate their payroll efforts with a system that integrates Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to minimize the chance for data-processing errors, eliminate redundant data entry and ensure up-to-date Human Resource records. Our payroll and HRIS technology enables HR to work on more value-added analytical and process improvement activities for your company.

In other words, it started off with a simple idea: there had to be an easier and better way to record employee time transactions and perform the task of payroll processing. One innovation led to another and that idea grew into something we now call workforce management. What does that really mean? Plainly put, employers want more of an integrated solution to help them manage their most valuable, and expensive strategic asset — their workforce. How? The right payroll solution can provide employers the tools they need to help them control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. An easy-to-implement payroll and workforce management solution can make complete automation and high-quality information a reality.

The right solution can be customized to help integrate payroll, employee benefits, temporary disability, workers compensation and COBRA administration. The right vendor can take the complexities involved with recording time and attendance transactions, administering employee benefits, scheduling workforces, and managing employee absence and simplify and streamline them into a single solution.



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