Medical and Pharmacy Coverage

Our approach to benefit plan design is consultative…we partner with our clients about benefit decisions and use our knowledge and expertise to guide them in making the best choices for their business and people. 
Shop the Market
We cast a wide net when it comes to our marketing analysis.  We routinely approach more carriers, pursue more strategies and introduce more concepts than our competitors.

Benefits Strategy Development
We meet to identify and determine the organization’s needs and understand their culture in order to help them accomplish their objectives and goals. 

Underwriting Negotiations
We collect and analyze more information, ask the right questions and research more funding options, product variations and strategies/ideas to achieve the best, most competitively priced programs.

Benefit Plan Selection
Given our robust analysis, our access to exclusive programs and tax favored benefits administration and our attention to detail we are consistently able to structure a balanced benefits program.

Employee Benefits Meetings
Our proprietary benefits booklets, coupled with our knowledge of compliance requirements and communication skills consistently produces complete and well-received benefits roll-outs.

Each client, as well as their employees and dependents, are provided a team of benefits experts, account managers and administrative customer service staff.  In addition to continued access to subject matter experts, each and every account is well handled through the policy year,

Claims and Utilization Analysis
With reviews performed both mid-year and annually, we continually analyze the claims and utilization information that will affect your renewal calculations and benefit decisions at renewal time.  We also seek to identify underwriting perceptions to ensure the reported information is properly and positively interpreted.

Annual Renewal

By beginning early and incorporating the unique and robust approach described above, we make certain our clients are well-informed and well-educated to make timely and beneficial benefits decisions.


MyBenefits Card

The Stratford MyBenefitsCard provides employees access to a nationally recognized telemedicine program as well as discounted savings of 15% to 65% from retail costs on dental, vision, hearing and lab work services for your entire family.

Save on Discount Medical and Wellness Benefits: Prescription, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, Lab Work, Diagnostic Imaging and More!
24 Hour Telemedicine Access:  Access to a US licensed physician with no out of pocket costs.

Employee Benefits


Ancillary and Worksite Benefits

Stratford understands that a properly designed benefits program demands the perfect balance between a company’s budget and the needs and wants of its employees.  By incorporating package discounts, contributory and voluntary approaches and our understanding of tax favored benefits programs, our benefit consultants can design a program to attract and retain the employees on which your company depends.

Dental Insurance
Vision Coverage
Life Insurance 
Short Term Disability Coverage
Long Term Disability Coverage
Long Term Care
Patient and Health Advocacy
Employee Assistance Programs
Medicare Supplemental
Flexible Spending Accounts
Transit and Parking Accounts
Worksite Benefits
Group Prepaid Legal
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