Why We Are Different

Stratford operates as an Administrative Services Organization (ASO).  We offer a portfolio of products and services designed to be custom packaged to solve your company’s unique challenges.  Our team of experts and supporting staff will find the best solutions to your challenges within our practice areas of employee benefits and human resources, including payroll services. 


We are an expert resource aimed at ensuring you are compliant.   We enjoy being the single source to whom employers can outsource the burdens of administration.  Our suite of products and services include Employee Benefits, Payroll Processing, COBRA Compliance and Administration, Tax-Favored Benefits Administration, ERISA Compliance, Payroll, Human Resources Consulting and Support and Workforce Management.  

Each one of our packages are as unique as the employer and company it was designed to serve.  Often, our different approach will draw comparisons to a PEO.  While our collective offering may be similar to and definitely rival that of a PEO, our ASO model is very different. The differences in the way our program is offered, implemented and priced can be substantial.  Allowing you to customize a program under our ASO model affords you the flexibility to purchase only those products and services you actually need and often net as much as 50% savings over the rigid PEO grouping of mandatory services.  In addition, you maintain control over the company and your employees.  Think of it as being able to buy shoes custom made just for you, but paying “off the rack” prices.   

The Benefits of Partnering with Stratford Our services allow you to maintain control of your employees and employment policies while providing you the freedom to choose your own insurance programs.  We help you control HR costs, minimize employment-related risks and reduce the administrative burden of Human Capital Management.   Our staff of SPHR and PHR Certified Consultants are available for guidance on employee issues no matter how big or small. In other words… 

It’s simple.  Our team of experts will handle all the administrative tasks you don’t want to do. 

It’s flexible.  You create the package.  We provide the solution.  Implement what you need, nothing more. 

It’s affordable.  By only purchasing what you need, when you need it, you are consistently saving money.